Our offer

Scandinavian Cosmetics Group provides exclusive Consumer & Luxury Brand management and distribution for Cosmetics, Fine Fragrances, Hair Care and Skin Care Products.

With companies in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland we offer an unparalleled route to the Nordic Beauty Consumer.

Benefits to all markets actors
An unparalleled value proposition tailored to attract and retain brand owners, retailers and E-tailers.

Brand owners
  • Access to the attractive Nordic customers through direct local marketing, point of sales training, social media planning, customer interaction, matching specific products with specific sales channels
  • Deep knowledge of the local customer, the local digital landscape as well as expertise in digital marketing and PR planning vital
  • Successful brand building accessing multiple sales platforms
  • Best in class category management, providing retailers- online and offline – with access to the most attractive brands and products at the right time
  • Support in category management, shelf space optimization, order processing, logistics
  • Staff training, in-store point of sales and online markeing (including social media)
  • Leading in-house digital expertise and well-invested online platform

Our expertise


As one of the most digitally connected regions in the world, where almost 100% of the population are users of internet and digital services, it’s no surprise that Scandinavian companies have been leading the revolution of digital innovations as well as e-commerce. 

Scandinavian Cosmetics Group helps brands with the entire process - from choosing the right partners within the e-commerce industry to delivering search engine optimized content and sales-driven campaigns. We understand the importance of sales-driven brand pages as well as the perfect targeted campaign in a programmatic newsletter campaign. Our goal is to build the next generation’s e-commerce in close cooperation with our retailers. 

Scandinavian Cosmetics Group provides an organization of specialists within e-commerce strategy, tactics as well as operation and optimization. We have specialists and expertise within UX and A/B-testing, desktop-, tablet and mobile commerce, digital marketing (including insights in the digital consumer journey and lower-upper funnels), social commerce as well as upsell and ancillary sales. We are focused on performance marketing and optimization of conversion rates. 

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Social media

At Scandinavian Cosmetics Group we provide our brand owners with insights, strategy, tactics, implementation and optimization within social networks. In a region where up to 70% of the population are members of Facebook, 60% visits Instagram and almost 100% of Generation Z watches Youtube on a daily basis, we have dedicated teams in each country which will build brand presence on the right platforms for the right consumer target group. 

We help our brand owners to not only build best in class social media accounts, but also optimizing visibility and enhance brand loyalty by working with big data, content marketing and influencer marketing, combined with social networking. 

Brand owners get access to a team consisting of social media managers, content managers, PPC specialists, SMO experts as well as conversion specialists. We also provide our partners on a regular basis with social trends insights and recommendations regarding which way to go and why when it comes to the social media landscape, and covering social networks.  

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Public relations

Public relations isn’t what it was before the digital revolution. Going from having just a handful of journalists to court, the digital landscape has turned public relations into a fast evolving science where the importance of real time tracking is as powerful as knowing the right editor-in-chief. 

Scandinavian Cosmetics Group provides local teams with excellent relations to distinguished journalists and tomorrow’s influencers. We have a holistic approach, helping you map out your PR strategy, getting earned media in the most prominent magazines as well as locating and analysing the tone of voice among the consumers.

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Knowledge is power, and we know that giving our retailers the best knowledge about not only our products but also insights about sales techniques will increase sales and impact relations with our consumers. Therefore we make sure to visit all of our retailer’s stores regularly making sure that they have the right information, products and merchandise.

Scandinavian Cosmetics group also provide e-learning, making our knowledge available 24/7, 365.

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