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Malmö, October 29, 2018

New chapter for Scandinavian Cosmetics Group: Establishes holding company

For the last three years, Scandinavian Cosmetics has been a part of Aurelius. Today, the Nordic beauty brand management company is proud to announce that an establishment of Scandinavian Cosmetics Group Holding AB is the next step of the journey in strengthening the position in the cosmetic market even further. Chairman of the Board of Directors, Nils Haase, explains the reasoning behind.

“It is now official, that we establish Scandinavian Cosmetics Group Holding AB as the parent company of all our operational cosmetics businesses in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Scandinavian Cosmetics Group Holding AB, Nils Haase says, and continues:

“With this new structure, we intend to combine and maintain our strong local operations with the requirement to work more efficiently on a Nordic level and share best practice across the countries. I’m convinced that herewith we found a new way to have both our local, historic strength and meet future requirements regarding combined business size, efficient structures and a stronger voice into the market.”

Market changes require new structure
“Previous, we established the Scandinavian Cosmetics in both Denmark and Finland to have a much stronger basis to develop our business in these countries locally, just like we do in Sweden and Norway. This made it increasingly obvious that business size and regional coverage are more and more important to drive the business further. In this regard we were delighted about the acquisition of Solis and Alf Sörensen during this summer which added fantastic brands to our groups portfolio. The combination of our businesses is well on its way and we are very confident to be able to achieve the expected goals.

We now continue this development by establishing the Scandinavian Cosmetics Group Holding AB Nils Haase says.

Besides the organizational drivers, trends, consumer behavior and shopping habits have been influencing the decision-making process, according to Nils Haase:

“We observe significant changes in the market. E-commerce becomes increasingly important and advertising spending is shifted more and more from classic media to on line marketing and Social Media. This requires a different way of working and additional skills. We are well positioned for this challenge and the new structure is aimed to meet these changes in the market proactively,” he adds.

The Management team of the Group Holding will consist of Joakim Johnsson as CEO, Runar Andersen as Deputy CEO and Johan Ahlgren as Group CFO.

About Scandinavian Cosmetics Group
Scandinavian Cosmetics is one of the leading companies in sales, marketing and distribution of well-known beauty brands. Across Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. Headquarters and warehouse are located in Malmö, and offices are places in Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm. In 2015, Scandinavian Cosmetics was acquired by the leading European investment groups, Aurelius. October 2018, the company can announce the establishment of Scandinavian Cosmetics Group Holding AB.

For more information, please contact:
Nils Haase,
Joakim Johnsson,

Nils Haase
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Scandinavian Cosmetics Group Holding AB

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